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"Portions were great. Protein was cooked very nicely. Good balance of grain, greens, and proteins. Delivery on time. All in all a great experience."


Some of the comments included "can DigitalOcean just acquire Ripe?" "Can Ripe just cater everyday?":)


"Everything tastes so fresh and is seasoned exceptionally well. Everyone was so impressed that everything (even things peole typically don't like) was delicious and healthy. Once again, the mac and cheese and snapper were big hits, as was the avocado salad. Absolutely delicious! I wish I could have taken some home :) Also, thank you for being so flexible and working with me to find the right menu and mix-and-matching items that will suit our wants and needs."


"I have never gotten so much positive feedback after a lunch! Everyone loved the options and the fact that it was healthy while tasting amazing. People were sharing photos and were overall very excited about it. Your team was SO friendly, fun, and personable. Great job!"


"I really loved everything. The shrimp was amazing, love the steak and the lasagna was bangin'. I really enjoy all the greens and the grains too. Balances out the meal nicely."